The patient, meditative processes of weaving and dyeing are an extension of my botanical studies. Raised among the elements in Hawaii and now a humble student of herbalism in the wise woman tradition, I am instinctively drawn to any opportunity to deepen my connection with the natural world. In honor of the landscapes that inspire my craft, I feature sustainable plant and animal fibers from small farms and organic growers, frequently experimenting with foraged plant dyes to use alongside traditional pigments such as indigo, madder and cochineal. As the great-grand daughter of a master Japanese kimono maker, I developed an appreciation for careful craftsmanship from a young age and I gratefully celebrate my heritage through my own woven expressions. 

My work has been commissioned for resorts, restaurants and private residences around the world. In the summer of 2018, I will be the artist-in-residence at Montello Foundation's rural studio set on 80 acres of Northeastern Nevada grasslands, with the intention of creating a multimedia showcase/performance of weavings and original musical compositions.